enero 13, 2011

Moodle - Depurar errores

Usando moodle 1.9.3 (Build: 20081015)

Para poder ver los mensajes de error que moodle muestra hay que entrar como administrador.

Dentro del panel de Administración del Sitio seleccionar Servidor / Depurando

En "Depurar mensajes" (debug) Seleccionar "DESARROLLADOR: mensajes extra de depuración Moodle para desarrolladores".

Documentación sobre el tema en:


How to turn on debugging

Go into the admin screens, and look under Administration > Server > Debugging (In Moodle 2.0 it is Site administration ▶ Development ▶ Debugging). Set the...

* Debug messages to ALL, and
* Display debug messages to Yes.

(You must do both). There is rarely any advantage in going to Developer level, unless you are a developer, in which case it is strongly recommended.

Once you have got the error message, and copied and pasted it somewhere, you are recommended to turn debugging back off again.


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