febrero 25, 2011

Linux - Formatear partición a NTFS

Una forma de formatear desde la línea de comandos una partición en en Linux en modo rápido es con el siguiente comando.

mkntfs -Q -v -L ntfs500g /dev/sdc1

-Q modo rápido

-v verbose (comentarios que ocurren al ejecutar el comando) http://www.webune.com/forums/linux-verbose-option-explained.html

-L label, etiqueta de la nueva unidad formateada

para eso tienes que ser root por lo que es util este otro comando

$su -c "mkntfs -Q -v -L ntfs500g /dev/sdc1"


con $df -T identificas en que formato estan las particiones

Ver más en http://www.clopezsandez.com/2010/06/formateo-de-unidades-ntfs.html

febrero 21, 2011

Emacs - Buffer is read-only: #

Si tenemos permiso de escritura a un archivo, pero no tenemos permiso de escritura en el directorio donde reside este, es decir no podemos crear el archivo temporal en el directorio donde esta ubicado el archivo que queremos modificar. Emacs nos da el error como Buffer is read-only o write protected

Para eso podemos apuntar los archivos de backup y los de guardado automático a una dirección distinta que en la que esta ubicado el archivo a editar. Para esto editamos el archivo .emacs en nuestro HOME y agregamos la siguiente indicación

;; apuntar los archivos de backup
(setq backup-directory-alist
`((".*" . ,temporary-file-directory)))

;; apuntar los archivos que se guardan automaticamente
(setq auto-save-file-name-transforms
`((".*" ,temporary-file-directory t)))

febrero 08, 2011

Moodle - nostatstodisplay

Si aparece este error


[Opción 1]
Hay que seguir las instrucciones de:


This page can appear if you have not enabled statistics. To enable statistics, log into your Moodle as an administrator. Then, in the Site Administration menu, under Server --> Statistics ensure that they are enabled.

If you have enabled Statistics recently you should note that statistics are collected by a background task and take some time to become available. Try again later, but do note the time for statistics job to be run in the Site Administration page noted above.

[Opción 2]
y de :

From MoodleDocs
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Location: Administration > Server > Statistics

If you enable site statistics, Moodle will gather statistics about each course and for the whole site, and produce graphs displaying them.

The statistics graphs and tables show how many hits there have been on various parts of your site during various time frames. They do not show how many distinct users there have been. They are processed daily at a time you specify. You must enable statistics before you will see anything.
Enabling site statistics

1. Access Administration > Server > Statistics (or Site Administration > Advanced features in 2.0 onwards).
2. Tick the "Enable statistics" checkbox.
3. As stats processing is quite resource intensive, it is recommended that you should set the stats processing to start in the early morning.
4. Click the "Save changes" button.

TIP: Set the stats processing to start an hour before your automated course backups are scheduled to start, then set the maximum runtime to 1 hour. This ensures that stats are not being processed at the same time as course backups are being made.

Statistics not working?

If statistics isn't working and you have checked all the obvious (such as whether it's enabled), check Administration > Modules for any old hidden modules in the database which miss the files in the moodle/mod folder on your server. If you find any, they should be deleted.

You can also try limiting the length of time logs are kept for to reduce the size of the tables. Go to Administration > Server > Cleanup to set this.

To run stats manually, go to the database, go to the mdl_config table and set statslastdaily, statslastweekly and statslastmonthly to 0 (leave statslastmonthly alone if you think it might be large logtables causing the problem). Then go to Administration > Server > Statistics and set statsruntimestarthour to 5 mins ago. Then visit http://www.yoursite.com/admin/cron.php. You should see output there saying that stats are processing, but be patient if it appears to hang - this can take between 5 mins and several hours depending on how big your site is, so just leave it going.

[Opción 3]


[Opción 4]

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